How The She-Hulk Finale Sets Up The Future Of The MCU

This article contains spoilers for She-Hulk: Attorney At Law.

The She-Hulk finale was certainly full of surprises delivering quite the ending to the first MCU sitcom – we still haven’t recovered from THAT fourth-wall break.

As ever, whilst this concluding episode wrapped up season one of the series, it also set the scene for future MCU projects from Daredevil: Born Again to a potential Hulk movie.

Let’s dive into it.

Hulk’s Son

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Bruce Banner dropped quite the bombshell during the finale as he reveals he has been spending time on Sakaar (the planet from Thor: Ragnarok) and introduces his son to the family – Skaar, a Hulk played by Stargirl actor Wil Deusner.

We don’t learn much about Skaar during his brief introduction, but as ever the comics hold some clues as to where this story could go.

During the Planet Hulk storyline, Banner had his son with alien Caiera The Oldstrong whilst spending time on Sakaar, and unlike his father, Skaar has had his powers since birth.

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With Caiera dead following a catastrophe and Bruce having left the planet, Skaar grew up without his parents, being taken in by savage creatures who had an impact on the young Hulk.

His brutal nature meant Skaar got into several fights in the comics, with one of these scraps resulting in him being banished to Earth, where his sole focus was on finding Hulk and killing him.

Of course that doesn’t happen and instead Bruce shapes his son into a hero – we love a happy ending!

Marvel Comics

Given he only just made his debut in the MCU, we don’t quite know how this will play out here, but one thing just became more likely: a World War Hulk movie could be coming, something which has long been rumoured.

Not only is this set up following Skaar’s introduction, but it’s teased directly when the AI robot KEVIN tells Jen that Bruce’s return for the finale is necessary to introduce his son.

Jen’s reply is: “Save it for the movie.” Nicely done!

Marvel Studios

We know actor Mark Ruffalo has been keen for a while on the idea, having referenced the World War Hulk storyline several times in interviews as something he’d like to explore.

Time will tell but one thing is for certain – Skaar will play a major role in Hulk’s storyline going forward within the MCU.

She-Hulk Season Two

Marvel Studios

Whilst a second season of the show is yet to be officially confirmed, today’s finale did tease that an announcement is imminent.

During her fight with the Intelligencia, Jen breaks the fourth wall to confront the show’s writers, right when they are discussing a second season, suggesting it should be an extended dream sequence. Let’s just say Jen isn’t afraid to share her opinions on that.

Another hint comes later on when Jen tells KEVIN that she has some thoughts on where a second season could take the character, although we don’t learn too much about what these are.

So come on Marvel, just confirm it already!


Marvel Studios

During the finale, Jen said what we all were thinking: “Oh I wouldn’t mind seeing Daredevil again. A woman has needs!” And so, Marvel Studios delivered just that, giving us more precious Jen and Matt time.

To be honest, not much is teased regarding the duo’s future and whether She-Hulk will pop up in the upcoming series Daredevil: Born Again, but at least he’s now officially MCU canon.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law airs every Thursday on Disney+.

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