Star Wars: The Bad Batch

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Merchandise

Join everyone’s favorite gang of “defective” clone soldiers with Zavvi US’s wide range of Star Wars: The Bad Batch merchandise. We have tons of products inspired by the critically acclaimed TV series, including statues, and LEGO sets.

Not Your Ordinary Clones

Clone Force 99 (better known as the Bad Batch) first appeared in the seventh season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Created by visionary director George Lucas, the team comprises Hunter (the electromagnetic-sensing leader of the squad), Wrecker (a superhumanly strong force of nature), Crosshair (an expert marksman), Tech (a problem solver with a genius intellect), Echo (a cybernetically enhanced trooper), and Omega (a female clone of bounty hunter Jango Fett). They are instantly distinguishable from standard troopers (whom the team call “regs”) thanks to their modified clone armor, which adopts a distinctive skull motif.

After their pivotal appearance in The Clone Wars, this experimental unit of clones received their own animated series, which debuted its first season on the Disney+ streaming service in 2021. The show explores the immediate aftermath of Order 66 (the event that causes the near-extinction of the Jedi), introducing audiences to Omega and showing how the team learns to adapt to a galaxy ruled by the Galactic Empire. As a result of their unique mutations, most of the team is unaffected by their implanted inhibitor chips; however, Crosshair remains obedient to the new world order, choosing to pledge loyalty to the Imperials.

Throughout the course of the first season, Hunter and his squad embark on many perilous missions. To sustain themselves without the backing of the Republic, they choose to work for Cid, a former informant for the Jedi.

Become The Latest Member Of The Squad

If you’re a fan of the TV series, our line-up of Star Wars: The Bad Batch merchandise has everything you need to start your collection: LEGO sets, and collectibles Bring home your favorite characters, and prepare to take on the Empire.