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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Merchandise

Cower in fear as you face the infamous Leatherface with Zavvi US’s wide range of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre merchandise. Bringing the critically acclaimed horror franchise to life, our officially licensed products comprise action figures, busts and Blu-ray steelbooks.

The Origins Of Leatherface

Directed by Tobe Hooper, the first entry in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise was released in 1974. A horror film bearing similarities to classic slashers, the movie follows a group of friends — Sally Hardesty (Marilyn Burns), Franklin Hardesty (Paul A. Partain), Pam (Teri McMinn), Jerry (Allen Danziger), and Kirk (William Vail) — as they attempt to reach the Hardesty homestead. On their journey, they encounter a number of strange individuals, including a violent hitchhiker (Edwin Neal) and a local owner of a gas station (Jim Siedow). To make things worse, there is a deadly killer hunting them: Leatherface (Gunnar Hansen).

Sporting a mask made from human skin (which is designed to hide his facial deformities), Leatherface, who acts under the orders of his deranged family, is a recurring antagonist and the figurehead of the franchise. He has appeared in every theatrical installment, often using his signature chainsaw as his weapon of choice. The creators, hooper and Kim Henkel (who co-wrote the screenplay for the first movie), based the character on Ed Gein, a real-world murderer known for crafting masks with human skin.

Throughout the history of the franchise, there have been various sequels, prequels, and reboots. Leatherface (2017) explores the origins of its eponymous villain, who is revealed to be Jedidiah Sawyer (Sam Strike), an escaped inmate from a mention institution. After enduring multiple psychologically damaging events, Jedediah (going by the name of Jackson) is turned into a monster by his mother, Verna (Lili Taylor).

Meet The Sawyers

Immerse yourself in the sheer carnage of the slasher genre, and start browsing line-up of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre merchandise. We have a whole host of products to purchase, such as collectibles (featuring Leatherface) and exclusive Blu-ray steelbooks.