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Up Merchandise

Prepare to float away to the beautiful landscape of South America as you explore Zavvi US’s wide range of Up merchandise. These officially licensed products, inspired by the critically acclaimed Pixar movie, include a whole host of DVDs, Blu-rays, and accessories.

The Journey To Paradise Falls

A film directed by Pete Docter, Up was released in 2009 by Walt Disney Pictures. The plot focuses on Carl Fredrickson (voiced by Ed Asner), who is a loyal fan of the famous explorer Charles Muntz (Christopher Plummer). During his childhood, he meets another follower of Muntz called Ellie, and the pair later marry, sharing the dream that they will one day move their “clubhouse” to Paradise Falls. Unfortunately, the day-to-day requirements of life limit their ability to save money, and an elderly Ellie passes away before Carl can take her on the trip.

Over time, Carl becomes an ill-tempered old man, living alone and refusing to sell his home to the ever-present property developers. However, his ability to resist is stripped away when he strikes a construction worker, an act that encourages the court to force him into a retirement home. His will unbroken, Carl uses a large number of helium balloons to fly his house like an airship and plans to settle atop Paradise Falls. This doesn’t quite go the way he intended, as he discovers a stowaway: Russel (Jordan Nagai), a Wilderness Explorer trying to gain his final merit badge by assisting the elderly. An unlikely duo, they land in South America and combine their efforts to transport the floating house across the final hurdle. Throughout their journey, they encounter various colorful characters, such as the flightless bird Kevin and the talking dog Dug (Bob Peterson).

Become A Wilderness Explorer

If you want to prove yourself as a true explorer of the unknown, our collection of Up merchandise has everything you need to begin. Watch the classic film on DVD or Blu-ray, or conquer the outdoors with some wallets and backpacks.