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Ultraman Merchandise

Plan your trip to the Land Of Light, and enjoy Zavvi US’s wide range of officially licensed Ultraman merchandise. Inspired by the fan-favorite “giant monster” franchise, our products include a whole host of action figures and statues. These high-quality items are based on references from the TV series, bringing to life this famous Japanese icon.

Defender Of Earth

Created by Tsuburaya Productions, Ultraman (widely known as the Ultra Series) focuses on the eponymous character, a member of an alien species from Nebula M78. This extra-terrestrial civilization is committed to protecting different worlds from all manner of monsters and invaders, using Color Timers to monitor their energy levels when visiting other planets.

In the original series (which ran from 1966 to 1967), Ultraman travelled to Earth while chasing a reptilian monster called Bemular, who had escaped from the Monster Graveyard. Upon his arrival, he bonded with the human scientist Shin Hayata after accidently causing him to sustain critical injuries. Together, they protected the planet from threats — such as the Baltan, Alien Mefilas, and Gomora — until a final confrontation with Zetton, in which Ultraman sustained massive amounts of damage to his Color Timer and was forced to return to his home, the Land Of Light.

Designer Tohl Narita helped to create the classic red-and-silver suit, fitting latex to the body of actor Bin Furuya. The distinctive appearance of the character combined with the TV show’s detailed mythology made the franchise one of the most profitable during the ‘80s. To this day, Ultraman remains a staple of Japanese pop culture and continues to expand its influence to Western audiences.

Giant-Sized Discounts

If you’re a die-hard fan of the “giant monster” and “giant hero” genres, our huge line-up of Ultraman merchandise will help your collection grow. Start browsing today, and enjoy our exclusive offers on highly detailed action figures and statues (available in different scales).