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Mr. Bean Merchandise

Prepare to laugh your socks off with Zavvi US’s wide range of officially licensed Mr. Bean merchandise. We have tons of products inspired by the classic comedy series and its various spin-offs, including and scale replicas of the titular character’s signature vehicle.

The Ultimate Disaster

Created by Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis, Mr. Bean is a 15-episode British sitcom that aired on ITV in 1990. The show stars Atkinson as the eponymous character, a man with a child-like mind who finds himself tackling the everyday stresses of life. Unlike most modern-day protagonists, Mr. Bean rarely communicates verbally — excepting the occasional mumbled word — and this gives the show a style resembling that of an old silent film.

In 2002, an animated series based on the original show was released. Mr. Bean returns (still voiced by Atkinson) and is joined by a myriad of eccentric characters: Mrs. Wicket (Sally Grace), an antagonistic landlady; Irma Gobb (Matilda Ziegler), Mr. Bean’s girlfriend; and an extended supporting cast that comprises individuals both good-natured and not.

Making the transition from the small screen, the franchise was adapted to film with Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie (1997). Directed by Mel Smith, the movie focuses on the character’s day-to-day job as a security guard at the National Gallery in London. He often sleeps on the job, and this turns the board of directors against him. Nevertheless, the chairman (John Mills) insists that they keep Bean on. This outcome forces the directors to take drastic action, so they decide to send their unwanted employee to a Los Angeles art gallery, where he proceeds to cause a nuisance.

Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007), a standalone sequel to the first movie, follows Bean as he takes a much-needed vacation to the south of France. Naturally, his plans for a relaxing trip go awry when his actions cause upset with the locals.

A Holiday Worth Taking

If you’re a fan of Atkinson’s classic sitcom series or its film adaptations, our line-up of Mr. Bean merchandise will put a smile on your face. Start browsing today, and fill your home with the best collectibles on the market!