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Black Clover Merchandise

Join the forces of the Magic Knights, and prepare to become the next Wizard King with Zavvi US’s wide range of Black Clover merchandise. Our products draw inspiration from the popular anime adaptation, collecting the long-running show on DVD and Blu-ray.

Explore Clover Kingdom

A Japanese manga series, Black Clover was created by Yūki Tabata (a writer and illustrator) and published in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump. The first issue made its debut in 2015, and the complete series has since been collected in more than two dozen volumes of tankōbon.

Set in a world where individuals are born with the ability to harness immense magical power, Black Clover focuses on a completely unexceptional person, an orphan called Asta. He was raised in an orphanage, learning from an early age that he needed to take advantage of his physical prowess. Contrastingly, another orphan called Yuno possesses an incredible talent for wind magic. As the pair grow alongside each other, they yearn to become the successor to the Wizard King, who is respected as one of the most influential figures in Clover Kingdom (second only to the king). To accomplish their goal, Asta and Yuno join Magic Knight squads: the Black Bulls (Asta) and the Golden Dawn (Yuno). They proceed to go on many adventures and face some of the greatest threats in the lands, which include the Eye Of The Midnight Sun (an extremist group influenced by a Devil) and the Dark Triad Of The Space Kingdom (a group that plans to invite the Devils into the world).

In 2017, an anime adaptation of the manga aired on TV Tokyo, and the show totalled 170 episodes by the time of its conclusion. Like the source material, the plot follows Asta and Yuno on their quest to become the Wizard King, seeing the characters brought to life by Pierrot Inc.

Open The Grimoire

If you want to expand your abilities in the art of magic, our line-up of officially licensed Black Clover merchandise will allow you to dip a toe in this world. Start browsing today, and experience hours of anime entertainment with our DVDs and Blu-rays.