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The Shining Merchandise

Book a room at the Overlook Hotel with Zavvi US’s wide range of The Shining merchandise. Drawing inspiration from the fan-favorite film, our products include DVDs and Blu-rays (available as exclusive steelbooks), soundtracks, and more memorabilia.

Here’s Johnny

The Shining originated as a novel that was written by author Stephen King. Three years after the book’s 1977 release date, director Stanley Kubrick’s live-action film adaptation made its debut in theaters.

In the film, Jack Nicholson takes on the role of Jack Torrance, who accepts a position as a caretaker at the Overlook Hotel. Ominously, it is revealed that the previous caretaker, Charles Grady, took his own life and the lives of his family. While staying at the hotel, Danny (Danny Lloyd), Jack’s son, starts to have disturbing visions, a consequence of a psychic ability dubbed “shining.” Over the course of the film, Jack encounters a number of ghostly figures — such as Delbert Grady (Philip Stone) — and his mental health begins to deteriorate, his mind filled with violent thoughts directed toward his family. These thoughts eventually reach their climax, causing Jack to go on a murderous rampage. His wife, Wendy (Shelly Duvall), attempts to get away with her son, but Jack has already dismantled all viable forms of communication and transport. Stuck in a torrential snowstorm, their chances of survival are slim.

Decades following the release of the film, a direct sequel continued the narrative: Doctor Sleep (2019). The plot follows a grown-up Danny Torrance (Ewan McGregor) as he attempts to save a girl who was born with the shining from a cult called the True Knots. Led by Rose The Hat (Rebecca Ferguson), the cult feeds upon “steam” to extend their lives, and this is only obtainable by torturing and killing those who possess Danny and the girl’s rare psychic gift.

Ghostly Deals

Browse our The Shining merchandise today, and experience one of the best horror movies in cinema history. We have tons of ghostly collectibles as well as the original film and its successor on DVD and Blu-ray.