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Back To The Future Merchandise

Hitch a ride in the DeLorean with Zavvi US’s wide range of Back To The Future merchandise, inspired by the critically acclaimed film series of the late ‘80s.

For fans of classic cinema, these are the best gifts you can find online. Browse our incredible deals on a huge selection of products, and prepare to immerse yourself in the world of science fiction once more!

Take A Trip Through Time

Written by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, the first Back To The Future was released in 1985. The film became an instant hit, claiming the title of highest-grossing picture for that year.

Following the exploits of high-school student Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and a scientist called Doctor Emmett “Doc” Brown (Christopher Lloyd), Back To The Future takes audiences on a trip through time using the iconic DeLorean car. While stranded in 1955, Marty accidentally prevents his parents from meeting each other. This proves problematic, as he has to both find way to return to his time and ensure that his parents fall in love with each other — otherwise, he will never be born.

Back To The Future Part II released in 1989, taking Marty and Jennifer Parker (Elisabeth Shue) to 2015. As informed by Doc, the pair need to prevent their son, Marty Jr., from going to prison. During their trip, Biff Tannen (Thomas F. Wilson) alters history, ruining Marty’s life. The regular time-travelling shenanigans then ensue as Marty seeks to return things to the way they were.

The final film in the trilogy, Back To The Future Part III, went straight to cinema screens in 1990, picking up directly where its predecessor left off. Learning of Doc’s death at the hands of Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen (Biff’s great-grandfather), Marty travels back in time to 1885. However, things take a dramatic turn when Doc falls in love with Clara Clayton (Mary Steenburgen).

Great “Scott” Deals

Put the pedal to the metal, and speed at 88 miles per hour to make sure you don’t miss out on our incredible line-up of Back To The Future merchandise.

We have tons of products for you to discover: clothing (including T-shirts), Blu-rays and DVDs, toys and games, collectibles, homeware, prints and posters, action figures, and more.

Keep your eyes locked to this page to make sure you never miss out on all the latest releases. Our Back To The Future merchandise is coming in hot!