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Movie And Character Cutouts

Give your home a star-studded makeover with Zavvi US’s wide range of movie and character cutouts, bringing your favourite pop-culture icons to life like you’ve never seen them before!

Yes, now is the time to open your doors to some very special guests — featuring cutouts inspired by Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Harry Potter, and more!

If you’ve got a special event on the horizon (whether that be a birthday, Christmas, or any of the above), these movie and character cutouts are the perfect way to make the occasion one to remember. Set it up behind the door to give your friends and family a good scare, or let your chosen icon join the celebrations as the VIP attendee.

We have loads of offers for you to take advantage of, so start browsing today to give any room a bit of extra pizzazz!

Not Your Ordinary Housemate

Fans of pop culture have no doubt wondered what it would be like to meet their film and TV icons in the flesh. Well … we can’t do flesh, but we can do cardboard!

Go on a galaxy-spanning adventure with Baby Yoda (from The Mandalorian), travel through time and space with the Doctor (from Doctor Who), or patrol the streets of Gotham with Batman (from DC Comics) — the choice is yours.

Coming in various shapes and sizes, these movie and character cutouts are perfect for any home, regardless of available space. Though they are not traditional decorations by any means, they add heaps of ‘character’ to any room.

What are you waiting for? Discover your favourite characters today, and give your home a pop-culture upgrade!

(We are constantly updating this page with new cardboard cutouts, so check back in regularly to ensure you don’t miss out on the latest additions.)