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An American Werewolf In London Merchandise

Embark on a supernatural trip to the United Kingdom with Zavvi US’s wide range of An American Werewolf In London merchandise. This is the number-one location to find a whole host of officially licensed products, including DVDs and Blu-rays, art prints, figures, and replicas.

A Cult Classic

Created by writer and director John Landis, An American Werewolf In London was released in 1981. The film combines elements of horror and comedy, following a backpacking duo that comprises David Kessler (David Naughton) and Jack Goodman (Griffin Dunne).

Hailing from New York City, David and Jack travel across the Yorkshire moors, where they are attacked by a large beast. Jack perishes, but David only sustains non-lethal injuries. After three weeks of recovery, David wakes in the hospital and encounters an undead Jack, who informs him that their attacker was a werewolf. As a result, David is now destined to transform during the next full moon. Jack, cursed to remain in the land of the living until the werewolf line is served, implores David to take his own life. However, David doesn’t believe that anything will happen and instead moves in with Alex Price (Jenny Agutter), a nurse who took care of him while he was recovering in the hospital. This proves a costly mistake, and his beast form kills six people on the streets of London. Unable to take his own life or surrender to the police, he continues his life as a werewolf, a decision that results in gruesome consequences.

From the moment of its theatrical debut, the movie became an immense success with audiences and critics. This led to the development of a sequel, An American Werewolf In Paris (1997), which focuses on Andy McDermott (Tom Everett Scott) and Serafine Pigot (Julie Delpy), the daughter of David.

Transform Your Collection

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