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Star Ace

Celebrate your favourite icons from the world of pop culture (films, TV series, video games, and comic books) with Zavvi US’s wide range of Star Ace figures and statues. Officially licensed and sculpted with accuracy, our line-up of products comprises some of the biggest franchises, including King Kong, Godzilla, Dracula, Planet Of The Apes, Pulp Fiction, Clash Of The Titans, and Batman.

Premium-Quality Collectables

Established in 2013, Star Ace Toys is a Hong Kong–based company that manufactures high-end figures and statues inspired by several different licenses. As such, they have gained a large following of collectors, all of whom have enhanced their displays with recognisable characters, such as Catwoman (from Batman), Caeser (from Planet Of The Apes), and Vincent Vega (from Pulp Fiction), amongst others.

To account for the individual needs of their customers, the brand offers a range of items in different scales, examples being 1/6 and 1/4. However, no matter the difference in size or price, the quality of each piece remains the same, capturing the likenesses of these larger-than-life characters through the use of professional sculpting and careful paint application. You will also find that some of their products incorporate mixed media, providing authenticity via the addition of fabrics and hardened materials. These elements are further complemented by striking bases, which vary from simple podiums to landscapes ripped directly from the source material.

A Shining Light In Your Display

If you’re looking for high-end collectables at an affordable price, our line-up of Star Ace figures and statues fits the bill. Start browsing today, and enjoy our fair prices on some of the best pieces on the market.

(Keep returning to this page to ensure that you don’t miss out on the newest releases. The team at Star Ace are constantly improving their craft, and we’re here to guarantee that you’re always the first to see these pieces in person.)