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Square Enix

Continue your journey into the expansive worlds of gaming’s biggest franchises with Zavvi US’s wide range of Square Enix figures, statues, plushies, soundtracks, board games, and more. We have tons of officially licensed products from which to choose, so start browsing to take advantage of our exclusive deals.

The Creator Of Worlds

A world-famous video-game developer, Square Enix was officially formed in 2003 following a merger between Square and Enix, which began as separate entities. Over the course of its existence, the company has created and published many popular franchises: Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, NieR, Tomb Raider, Deux Ex, Just Cause, and The World Ends With You — among others. These titles often fall into the role-playing genre, providing players with hours of content and complex narratives.

Predominantly, Square Enix’s business model revolves around various media platforms, refusing to limit the potential of its franchises to gaming. As a result of this, fans can find the aforementioned franchises in the form of anime, films, novels, and manga (as well as video games). This strategy expands to the distribution of officially licensed merchandise, the company manufacturing products — such as figures, statues, plushies, soundtracks, and board games — for most of its titles. A large majority of these items feature popular mascots, the likes of which include the Chocobo (from Final Fantasy) and the Slime (from Dragon Quest).

Outside of their own series, the developer has also created products inspired by other licenses, including Mass Effect (EA) and Halo (Microsoft). However, most of their offerings are limited to in-house titles.

Start Your Journey

Have you ever dreamed of owning a Chocobo? Luckily for you, that dream can now be a reality, as we have a whole host of Square Enix figures, statues, and plushies based on the developer’s greatest creations. You can also find other ways to experience your favorite franchises, with several soundtracks and board games on offer.