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The Noble Collection

Discover the height of quality with Zavvi US’s wide range of The Noble Collection prop replicas, figures, statues, plushies, and board games. Supported by its fantastic creative team, the company has dedicated itself to developing products based on the biggest franchises, and after many hours of painstaking work, collectors can now enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Employing The World’s Greatest Talent

Founded in 1991, The Noble Collection is an American-based company that manufactures and distributes high-quality Collectibles inspired by some of the biggest franchises from the world of pop culture. Their line-up of licenses comprises the likes of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, The Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, DC Comics (including Batman, Superman, and Justice League), The Exorcist, Gremlins, Star Trek, Universal Monsters, and Game Of Thrones.

Since its debut, the brand has become a leader in the market, having launched numerous products that feature extraordinary attention to detail and unparalleled production standards. This stems from The Noble Collection’s focus on hiring the greatest talent, their sculptors and artists being the best in the business. Combining their unique skills, these creative individuals have elevated the company’s reputation and attracted a loyal consumer segment that settles for nothing less than perfection.

In their offerings, you will discover a diverse selection of products, some of which include action figures, statues, plushies, board games, and prop replicas. These items accurately capture the unique aesthetic of each franchise, ensuring that the quality matches what fans have enjoyed in films, TV series, video games, and comic books. Their likenesses portrayed in stunning detail, your Favorite characters — such as Captain Picard, Gandalf The Gray, and the Joker — and their fictional worlds have been brought to life as you’ve never seen them before.

Quality Without The Cost

If you’re looking to build your collection of entertainment-based products, The Noble Collection is ready to accommodate. Start browsing today, and enjoy premium-quality items without the over-the-top price.