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Enter the world of anime with Zavvi US’s huge selection of Funimation Blu-rays and DVDs. Bringing the best of Japanese entertainment to the States, our officially licensed products feature the biggest franchises in the medium, some of which are Attack On Titan and My Hero Academia.

The Home Of Japanese Anime

A well-respected dubber and distributor of Japanese anime, Funimation is a Texas-based company that was established in 1994. Its founders — Gen Fukunaga and his wife, Cindy — invested in the business after Fukunaga's uncle, Nagafumi Hori (a producer at Toei Company), expressed his belief that Toei Animation would offer the rights to distribute the Dragon Ball franchise under the correct circumstances. To acquire the necessary funds for building the production company, Fukunaga approached Daniel Cocanougher, who was his colleague and the owner of a feed mill. He convinced him to sell the business and invest in this new venture, and FUNimation Productions began operating soon after.

As Hori speculated, the company managed to secure licensing rights for Dragon Ball; however, the show didn’t find a platform on which to air until 1998, when Cartoon Network included Dragon Ball Z in its Toonami programming block. Having garnered a large following and achieved massive ratings, this TV series gave Funimation the means to secure further licensing agreements. Today, their catalogue of entertainment comprises dozens of popular series, including (but not limited to) Yu Yu Hakusho, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Assassination Classroom, Cowboy Bebop, Attack On Titan, Fairy Tail, Black Clover, Fruits Basket, Tokyo Ghoul, and Code Geass.

Begin Your Journey

Are you looking for hours of high-quality entertainment? Start browsing our huge line-up of Funimation Blu-rays and DVDs, and settle in for a binge-watching session. (For the latest releases and Zavvi exclusives, keep your eyes fixed on this page.)