10 Best LEGO Marvel Superheroes Sets

LEGO and Marvel. Collaborations don’t get much bigger than this and since the pair first worked together back in 2012, we’ve enjoyed some pretty special sets. 

Marvel has re-invigorated the superhero genre over the last decade with classic after classic added to the MCU. All this success has culminated in box office revenue that weighs in at well over the $20bn mark, telling you all you need to know about this colossal franchise.

The MCU has given us plenty of iconic characters and memorable moments, which coupled with their partnership with LEGO, is fantastic news for fans. Some of the best LEGO Marvel sets give you the chance to get hands on, re-create your favourite scenes and play out those epic battles – pretty great right?

This power-collab features heroes such as Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Man right through to the Incredible Hulk, making LEGO Marvel sets the ultimate gift idea – perfect for kids and those looking to build a special collection.

Avengers, Assemble…

The sheer beauty of this franchise is that there’s so much of it. There’s plenty of potential for epic LEGO sets and they’ve certainly delivered on that front, so that there’s something out for there every fan.

The huge scale of the MCU allows you to play out your superhero dreams across several movies through LEGO. You can re-create scenes, battles and get your hands on special vehicles, weapons and even the Infinity Gauntlet.

With over 20 Marvel movies created and more in the pipeline, LEGO have been busy building these epic sets and the sheer number of them that are available can be a little overwhelming.

But fear not, here at Zavvi we’ve put together 10 of our favorite sets that’ll make the perfect gift for a that Marvel loving friend or a nice treat for yourself.

Suitable for web slingers, extra terrestrial gods, green machines and billionaire men who fly around in tech suits of iron, there’s no gift quite like LEGO Marvel, so they’re bound to put a smile on the lucky recipients face.

Best Marvel LEGO Sets:

  1. LEGO Spider-Man vs Venom Set
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    LEGO Spider-Man vs Venom Set

    Superhero battles don’t get much bigger than that of Spider-Man and Venom. A fight which pits good vs evil, these two boast similar powers and abilities but very different intentions. Peter Parker always has his work cut out when facing this terrifying enemy, with him hell bent on destroying cities and anyone else that stands in his way. Spider-Man fans can re-create those gripping battles with Venom through this set, which also includes Ghost Spider and his beloved Aunt May along with several accessories. Get those webs at the ready.

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  2. LEGO Hulk Helicopter Drop
    $54.99 Buy now with Zavvi

    LEGO Hulk Helicopter Drop

    When you think of this mega franchise, the Avengers instantly come to mind. Made up from a number of big hitters from the MCU, they team up to pretty great effect which results in four epic movies. One of the most brutal and funny characters to come from it is the Incredible Hulk. Nobody wants to get on the wrong side of Bruce Banner and when they do, this green machine is unleashed which spells bad news for everyone. He features in each movie and in this LEGO Avengers Endgame set he’s involved in a big aerial battle against the Chitauri alongside Black Widow and Rescue. Including ships, helicopters and even the Infinity Gauntlet, this is without a doubt one of the best LEGO Marvel sets around.

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  3. LEGO Avengers Captain America Truck Take-Down
    $39.99 Buy now with Zavvi

    LEGO Avengers Captain America Truck Take-Down

    The Avengers movies are known for blockbuster battles and epic special effects. They’re a feast for the eyes and this LEGO Marvel set gives you the chance to sample some of that for yourself. This pits Hawkeye and Captain America against AIM Agents after their truck comes under attack. Coming with a drone, a motor-trike and their special Avengers truck, along with several other cool accessories, this set is a must for big fans of the Captain.

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  4. LEGO Spider-Man Hydro-Man Attack
    $39.99 Buy now with Zavvi

    LEGO Spider-Man Hydro-Man Attack

    Spider-Man certainly gets around, we’ve seen him in New York, London and now Venice. Known for it’s beautiful gondola rides and incredible food, it’s no surprise that he’s paid a visit there. But this ends up being far from pleasure following the attack of a certain Hydro-Man, the last thing you want when visiting that city. With over 70% of the city underwater, he has plenty of resource to cause havoc and it’s up to you to stop him. This set features HM, Mysterio, Peter Parker and MJ along with build-able outside space and a stack of other features. The ultimate piece of merch for fans of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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  5. LEGO Marvel Angers Endgame
    $74.99 Buy now with Zavvi

    LEGO Marvel Angers Endgame

    The battles between the Avengers and the Chitauri make for gripping viewing in the MCU. This race of extra-terrestrials are desperate to take over Earth and the Avengers are the only thing standing in their way. In Infinity War and Endgame it results in a colossal battle and with this set you can re-create those scenes. Featuring Thor, Rocket, Hawkeye and Black Widow and two Chitauri, this LEGO Marvel set is a must for lovers of the franchise. It includes a customise-able and rather cool Quinjet packed full of weapons, quad bikes, blasters and much more.

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  6. LEGO Ant Man
    $27.99 Buy now with Zavvi

    LEGO Ant Man

    He may be tiny in stature but Ant Man certainly packs a fair punch. The smallest superhero of them all has made big waves in the MCU, with the brilliant Paul Rudd doing a terrific job. Now a real MCU favourite, this set gives fans the chance to take on the dangerous Outriders alongside the powerful War Machine. Defeat the enemies and you’ll be able to fly away with the War Machine buster mech which looks rather badass and huge in comparison to our small hero.

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  7. LEGO Spiderman Drone Attack
    $52.99 Buy now with Zavvi

    LEGO Spiderman Drone Attack

    We don’t know what Venice has done to deserve this, but it’s under attack once again. It’s down to Spiderman to come to the rescue and if you’ve seen Far From Home, you know just how cool this set is. Featuring Happy Hogan, Nick Fury, Spiderman and Mysterio, it also includes a huge drone and two stud shooters which allow you to play out some epic aerial battles along with some nifty web slinging. This set is all about attention to detail and the number of accessories makes it one of the best LEGO Marvel sets out there.

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  8. LEGO Marvel Spiderman
    $24.99 Buy now with Zavvi

    LEGO Marvel Spiderman

    Spiderman, The Vulture, high-speed chase and a robbery. What isn’t there to love here? This Marvel LEGO set does exactly that. The Vulture swoops down from the sky and steals the jewels from the bank truck with Spiderman ,on his motorbike, racing to stop him in a high speed pursuit. Featuring three LEGO minifigures, webs and vehicles, it’s a great set for fans of spidey.

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  9. LEGO Iron Man Hall Of Armour
    $64.99 Buy now with Zavvi

    LEGO Iron Man Hall Of Armour

    Love him or hate him, no-one can deny that Tony Stark is a fantastic character. Some see him as arrogant but we think he’s brilliant, with Iron Man one of the best heroes around. He’s without a doubt one of the most popular heroes to come from the MCU and fans of this Marvel legend will be elated with this set. Set in the Iron Man Hall of Armour, you can play with four different suits and experiment with new tech whilst also fighting off the threat of Outriders. This Marvel Lego set does it all but it’s certainly one of the best around, making it a must for IM and Avengers fans.

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  10. Marvel LEGO Spiderman vs Doc Ock
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    Marvel LEGO Spiderman vs Doc Ock

    Battles between Spiderman and Doc Ock date way back to the 1960’s – so they’re clearly two super-humans who know each other very well. Doc Ock is known for his deadly robotic arms which make him so dangerous and really push spidey to the test, but now he has a secret weapon that will help level this battle up – the Spider-Cycle. This two wheeled, eight-legged vehicle looks fantastic and it adds a new element to these old school battles.

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