Moon Knight: Introducing Anton Mogart And A Potential New Personality

Warning: spoilers for Moon Knight follow.

If you stayed until the very end of this week’s Moon Knight, you’ll have noticed it ended on a heartfelt tribute.

The third episode concluded with a mid credits dedication to Gaspard Ulliel, who finally made his debut this week as Anton Mogart, better known as the Midnight Man.

Ulliel, an award winning actor and major star of French cinema (who was previously best known to international audiences for playing Hannibal Lecter in 2007’s Hannibal Rising), passed away in January this year after a skiing accident.

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There was much anticipation surrounding his Moon Knight appearance, as this is now sadly his penultimate screen performance (his final role will be in the French film Plus Que Jamais which is set to premiere later this year).

But this isn’t the only thing that has got people talking…

Not only has the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) reimagined the comic book character, this week’s episode has started to give away more of the show’s big secrets – including the potential arrival of a new personality that Steven has to contend with.

Here’s what we learned from Moon Knight this week.

Introducing Anton Mogart

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When Ulliel was cast in a secretive villain role last year, speculation as to who he would be playing in the MCU was at a high.

Anticipation only increased when a casting notice let slip that he’d be portraying Midnight Man, one of Moon Knight’s most formidable foes.

However, our introduction to Ulliel’s character didn’t see him in costume, introducing only his alter ego, Anton Mogart, draped in a red robe.

Mogart is an old friend of Layla (May Calamawy), but his appearance as a wealthy collector of antiquities is deceiving – when the sun goes down, he’s a master thief of fine art.

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We got a hint of Mogart’s dark side as he clashed with Marc and Layla, almost killing her with a spear. But this drama was short lived as Spector hit back with one of his crescent-shaped knives, leaving Mogart’s fate ambiguous as he rode off on his horse.

If this is all Ulliel’s MCU role consists of, then it’s a scene stealing final performance. However, fans are likely going to want to see more of Mogart in the show – a look at Marvel’s comics suggests he could return to play a bigger role in the remaining episodes.

After all, we haven’t yet seen the character in costume, and Marvel are yet to confirm if this is the last we’re going to see of him. This is how they could be leaving the door open for his return.

Who Is The Midnight Man?

Marvel Comics

Midnight Man first appeared in the third issue of Moon Knight released in January 1981. Introduced as a minor villain, whose martial arts skills helped him pull off elaborate art heists, he got his name from the fact he always struck while galleries were closed – you guessed it, at midnight.

This is where he first crossed paths with Marvel’s nocturnal caped crusader, and the pair fought after Moon Knight foiled his heist. He was thrown into a river and ended up in a drainage pipe, causing serious damage to his face.

Vowing revenge, he teamed up with another comics villain (Raul Bushman) in an ill fated attempt to get justice.

This episode does hint at how this villainous origin story could have been reimagined for the small screen. After all, Mogart was attacked by Spector – could this in itself be enough for him to want to plot his revenge?

Another New Personality?

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But right now, Marc Spector won’t be giving too much thought to any plot to oust him. And that’s because, towards the end of the episode, we get our first hints of a new, ultraviolent personality.

In episode three, Marc wakes up to find himself stabbing somebody, and it isn’t his cockney alter ego Steven Grant in the driver’s seat of the attack.

All signs point to a personality from the comics who hasn’t yet been named within the series: Jake Lockley.

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In the source material, Lockley is a cab driver with an extensive knowledge of the criminal underworld. Fans have theorised that this is clearly Lockley for one obvious reason: this bloody brawl takes place entirely within a taxi – hardly subtle stuff, here.

Considering how much of a contrast Jake Lockley makes with Steven Grant, expect him to factor into upcoming episodes a lot more – alongside several other identities we haven’t even had a glimpse of yet.

Moon Knight airs weekly on Disney+.

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