Ms. Marvel: Five Things To Know About The MCU Show

Kamala Khan is coming to the MCU.

This week we got our first look at the upcoming Disney+ show Ms. Marvel ahead of its June 8 premiere on the streaming service.

The full length trailer which debuted yesterday gave us some pretty big hints as to how the New Jersey teen will fit into the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Here are the five biggest takeaways from the trailer.

Different Origin Story?

In the comic books, Khan transforms into an Inhuman after being hit with Terrigen Mist while on her way to a party. However, the trailer gives some indication that this superhero origin story will likely be rewritten for the show – especially since Marvel’s Inhumans TV series is largely overlooked in MCU canon.

Also, the fact that she isn’t an Inhuman means that Khan now has a completely different set of powers; so which have been invented for the series, and which have been removed?

Does the brief shot where her eyes glow in the same way as Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau also suggest that the source of her power is rewritten to be the same as theirs: a binary star?

New Powers

Marvel Studios

We do get some hints of her classic powers here; she grows a giant fist at one point, a nod to her ability to fluctuate rapidly in sizes just like Ant-Man, but without the suit.

We see her drawing a picture of Ant-Man, alongside her favourite hero Captain Marvel, hinting at a possible Paul Rudd appearance too.

However, most of her powers are new. We see Khan creating steps to run through the air, creating a protection shield, and closing a door via shooting some sort of energy blast.

Her costume is also reimagined for the series, with her energy cuffs now functioning in relation to her powers. Is this a sign that her powers don’t have the potential to be as destructive as they are in the comics?

Captain Marvel Fangirl

Marvel Studios

Kamala Khan is a massive Captain Marvel fangirl – and we already know that she’ll be teaming up with Brie Larson’s hero in the upcoming big screen adventure The Marvels.

In an early shot we see her dressed as her favorite hero, and later on there’s the tease that many of her powers mirror those of her idol…

Captain Marvel Before Captain Marvel?

Marvel Studios

One of these powers is known as “Sparklefists”, shown in the brief shot of Khan with bright, glowing hands.

In the comics, Carol Danvers had this power when she was known as Ms. Marvel, and later on when she met Khan, nicknamed her Princess Sparklefists after she developed the same ability. Expect to hear that nickname again here.

Fantasy Sequences

Marvel Studios

The most notable stylistic choice are the fantasy sequences shown throughout the trailer – elements of Ms. Marvel’s comic book origin story are shown via what appears to be dreams, with Kamala’s doodles frequently covering the screen.

This culminates in a shot which sees Kamala fall between dimensions. Does this tie in with the Multiverse Of Madness?

Ms Marvel premieres on Disney+ on June 8.

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Alistair Ryder

Alistair Ryder


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