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Star Trek Phone Cases

Get your communicators at the ready...

Zavvi presents our high-quality collection of branded Star Trek phone cases, inspired by the hit pop culture franchise!

Protect Your Phone From Hostile Aliens!

Explore our wide range of Star Trek phone cases, ready to protect your treasured device on your many adventures into the unknown regions of space.

Created for Android and iPhone devices, our Star Trek phone cases come in a range of different styles, ideal for representing your inner Treckie!

Browse through modern and retro Star Trek phone cases, capturing the essence of this expansive world in a variety of Colors... Yes, they do come in red, blue, and yellow!

From the subtle to the bombastic, we have a Star Trek phone case no matter your uniform...

Beam Me Up, Scotty!

Now you’ve got your phone securely protected, you’ll be able to call on your trusty engineer Scotty, to get you out of any tight squeeze!

Keep checking back for the latest Star Trek phone case designs to ensure you never miss out!