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Captain America Hot Toys Figures

Build your Marvel Cinematic Universe collection with Zavvi’s wide range of Captain America collectibles from Hot Toys.

The Original Marvel Hero

A frail young man from Brooklyn, Steve Rogers was committed to enlisting with the US military to combat the Nazis during WW2. Let down by his weak body, he was rejected – again and again. But he would not quit and his valour earned him a spot on the Super Soldier program. Moulding his body into the perfect superhuman, the experiment transformed him into the first superhero - the great Captain America.

Appearing across the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America has become legendary in the realm of film – with his own franchise of movies, and roles in the various Avengers crossovers.

Hot Toys has a diverse product range for you to choose from, with figures based on his different cinematic looks - from his first solo film to the climactic cinematic events of Infinity War and Endgame.

Avengers Assemble!

“I can do this all day...”

Featuring a variety of 1:6 scale figures and Cosbaby bobble-heads, the Hot Toys Captain America collection just keeps getting bigger!

So, treat yourself to our exclusive offers on Captain America merchandise and enjoy the high-quality production standards of Hot Toys.

Our wide selection of Captain America Hot Toys is constantly being updated with new and upcoming figures and other collectible merchandise, so stay tuned for more!