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Deadpool Hot Toys Figures

Join the X-Force and add everybody’s Favorite Merc With a Mouth to your growing collection with Zavvi’s wide range of Deadpool Hot Toys – including 1:6 scale figures and Cosbaby bobble-heads.

X-Man In-Training

Enter the world of Wade Wilson – mercenary, lover... X-Man? Well, not quite. The X-Men are superheroes and Wade is... Wade.

Joined alongside by a superpowered cast of characters, time travel your collection into the future with our 1:6 scale Cable Hot Toy, featuring a realistic sculpt of actor Josh Brolin playing this dystopian superhero.

And if that’s not enough for you, get your hands on the various Deadpool collectibles, depicting this anti-hero and his various blood-soaked antics from across the cinematic films.

Graduate To The X-Men

Build your Deadpool Hot Toys collection and become a full-time member of the X-Men! At least, that’s what Wade will tell you...

He wears red so the bad guys can’t see him bleed and neither will you when you add him to your collection of Hot Toys figures and Cosbaby bobble-heads. Sculpted to perfection, each collectible is produced to the best quality and guaranteed to enhance any Hot Toys shelf!

So, don’t miss out on Zavvi’s great offers and affordable prices, and stay updated with the latest new and upcoming releases from the world of Hot Toys!