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Iron Man Hot Toys Figures

Courtesy of Stark Industries, the Zavvi team has acquired a wide range of top-of-the-line Iron Man Hot Toys figures — featuring the Avengers’ primary beneficiary in all his various incarnations.

For fans of the Marvel brand (whether you prefer the live-action adaptations or source material), there are a ton of exciting products for you to discover. Make sure you’re ready for any encounter — especially those upcoming special occasions — and keep Earth’s Mightiest Hero on hand to save the day.

What are you waiting for, Marvel fans? Ignite those repulsors, and be the first to get your hands on our complete line-up of Iron Man Hot Toys figures (while they’re still available). We have tons of great offers for you to enjoy, including massive discounts and limited-time deals, so don’t miss out!

'I Am Iron Man’

Iron Man Hot Toys figures draw inspiration from Tony Stark’s many cross-media appearances, encompassing comic books, films, TV series, animation, and video games.

Created by one of the best brands in the Collectibles industry, Hot Toys have created a whole host of Cosbaby figures and action figures (1/6 scale) for you to ‘marvel’ at. Give your collection an upgrade, and show off to your superhero-obsessed friends and family.

Over the years, Iron Man has donned more suits of armour than most people do clothes in their lifetime — from the barely functional prototype armour to the ginormous Hulkbuster. As such, the list of Iron Man Collectibles is, by all accounts, as endless as Tony Stark’s bank balance.

Build Your Armoury

These are the ideal additions to any collection of Marvel merchandise, bringing the world’s Favorite ‘genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist’ to life like you’ve never seen him before.

Tony Stark may be a multi-millionaire, but you don’t have to be to afford these Collectibles — even Peter Parker couldn’t say no to these prices!