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Joker Hot Toys Figures

Zavvi US presents a villainous selection of officially licensed Joker Hot Toys, here to put a smile on your face. Inspired by Batman’s greatest villain, the Clown Prince Of Crime has never looked better!

Browse our complete line-up of products today to ensure you never miss out on the latest releases. With such great prices to choose from, you don’t need to rob Gotham City Bank to afford these Collectibles — and we’re sure the Dark Knight appreciates it.

A Joker For All Eras

Hot Toys brings the most loyal fans of Batman mythology an inspired range of Collectible mini-figures from all the greatest eras in the Joker’s long and diverse history. From the big screen, television, and video games, Hot Toys has you covered with a range of figures featuring the various iterations of the Batman’s greatest nemesis.

Return to Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy, and add Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning performance to your growing Joker collection. Alternatively, step back in time and revisit 1989 with Jack Nicholson’s famed performance in Tim Burton's Batman movie or Cesar Romero’s wacky antics in the Batman TV show of 1966.

Still not enough? Hot Toys is unleashing the laughing gas with exclusive figures from the world of the Batman Arkham video game series, inviting Mark Hamill’s classic Joker to join this roster of icons.

As the Joker himself once said, ‘If I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice.’ Likewise, these Joker figures give you the chance to choose your Favorites … but let’s be honest, you’ll want all of them!

Enter The Madhouse

Purchase your Hot Toys Joker figures today, and unleash Arkham Asylum onto your shelves!

Perfect as a gift for any Batman fan or as an addition to your personal collection of Batman rogues, Zavvi has all the best offers on new and upcoming Joker merchandise, straight from the Gotham Bank vaults!