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Hot Toys Sale

Get ready because Zavvi is bringing you all the best exclusive offers on Hot Toys figures, replicas, and Cosbabies!

So Many To Choose From!

Explore our massive selection of Hot Toys collectibles and get ready to dive into some of the most high-quality products available on the collector’s market.

From Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Toy Story, and so many more franchises - from the worlds of TV, film, video games, and comics books – Zavvi's sale has a variety of Hot Toys to suit everyone.

Capturing the likeness of the greatest pop-culture characters, the intricacy of detail in Hot Toys’ collectible portfolio is a marvel to behold.

So, begin outfitting your shelves and prepare for your jaw to drop to the floor when you realise just how much of a bargain you’ve stumbled upon!

Grow Your Collection!

If you’re looking for a gift for a friend or family member or simply desiring to grow your collection, Zavvi’s sale on Hot Toys is the perfect place to look!

Featuring a vast array of masterfully sculpted figures, replicas, and Cosbabies, you won’t find a more affordable selection of franchise collectibles.

Don’t wait around! Take advantage of these incredible offers, as they won’t be here forever!