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Spider-Man Hot Toys Figures

Swing your way into the Marvel universe with Zavvi’s expansive selection of Spider-Man Hot Toys. Here we aim to bring you the highest-quality action figures on the market, webbing their way from the world of everyone’s Favorite Wall-Crawler!

Travel Into The Spider-Verse

Explore the multiverse and collect all your Favorite Spider-men from the many worlds of the Web-Slinger...

Suiting up from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, build your Spidey collection with Tom Holland’s live-action film iteration of Peter Parker, featuring various outfits from across his MCU appearances. Whether you’re a fan of the stealth suit, homemade suit or just the standard Spidey getup, Hot Toys have a variety of 1:6 scale action figures depicting his many super-heroic fashion changes.

Or if animation is more your style, diversify your roster with the breakout Into the Spider-Verse star Miles Morales - and his many Spider-friends. From the return of Gwen Stacey as Ghost Spider to the cartoonish Spider-Ham, there’s no shortage of Hot Toys to show your love for the franchise.

Give Me Spider-Man!

Steady on, Jonah - there’s plenty of Spider-Man to go around...

Explore Zavvi’s great offers on a breadth of masterfully sculpted Hot Toys action figures that would make even the great inventor Tony Stark proud.

Featuring all the new and upcoming releases, we have all you need to make your collection both amazing and spectacular!