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Zinc Scooters

Put your foot on the break, and take a minute to browse Zavvi US’s wide range of Zinc scooters. We have several models available to purchase, including foldable and light-up designs, so if you’re a certified adrenaline junkie, these are must-have items.

The Rise Of The E-scooter

Founded in 2009, Zinc Sports is an online retailer that manufactures a variety of wheeled toys: scooters, skates, skateboards, and hoverboards — among others. These products are created for people of all ages, appealing to both kids and adults. Everyone is encouraged to take part, no matter their level of skill, and there are plenty of options to ensure that each person’s ride matches their uniqueness.

The traditional scooter is a favorite of many daredevils, but few can deny the appeal of the e-scooter, a modern evolution that incorporates a small electric motor. Offering increased speed and reducing the need for physical exertion, this new generation of scooter has become increasingly popular over time, with people who would ordinarily avoid wheeled toys opting to give it a try. Despite originating as a hobby for people of younger ages, we now see curious parents hijacking their children’s new Christmas presents so that they can “check that it’s safe.”

In the Zinc Sports collection, you can purchase foldable scooters, which are ideal if you’re frequently on the go. Pack up this portable vehicle, and show off your tricks — wheelies, barspins, and more — as you traverse the outdoors. However, be aware that these products are not allowed on roads or sidewalks.

Become A Daredevil

Select your preferred color from our line-up of Zinc scooters, and join the masses of riders that you see conquering the skate park. We have tons of great deals to take advantage of, so don’t miss out!

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