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Family Guy Merchandise

Visit the all-American city of Quahog, and meet its many eccentric residents with Zavvi US’s wide range of Family Guy merchandise. Inspired by the long-running animated TV series, our products — including DVDs and Blu-rays — are the best gifts for comedy fans. Start browsing today, and enjoy our exclusive deals.

Adult Comedy At Its Best

Created by Seth McFarlane, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, Family Guy first aired on the Fox Broadcasting Company in early 1999. Since then, the animated TV show has spawned more than a dozen seasons. It has also given rise to a spin-off series, The Cleveland Show, which focuses on the life of its eponymous character, Cleveland Brown, and his family.

Primarily, Family Guy puts the spotlight on the Griffin family: Peter (the father of the household), Lois (the archetypal mother), Chris (the family’s eldest son), Meg (a universally unliked high-school girl), Stewie (a baby with plans for world domination), and Brian (a talking dog). Over the course of hundreds of episodes, they embark on various adventures — some separately and others together — and encounter the many residents of Quahog, their home city. These are some of the show’s most recognisable cast members: Quagmire (the Griffin’s sex-crazed neighbour), Joe (a paraplegic police officer), Mort (a Jewish pharmacist), Herbert (a paedophilic old man), Adam West (the mayor of Quahog), Angela (Peter’s boss), Carter Pewterschmidt (Lois’s father), and Dr. Hartman (the incompetent medical practitioner).

The Cleveland Show, which aired its first episode in 2009, transports audiences (and the show’s titular character) to Stoolbend, a fictional town based in Virginia. Cleveland’s son, Cleveland Jr., returns for the series (albeit overweight) and is joined by Donna Tubbs (Cleveland’s new wife), Roberta (Donna’s daughter), and Rallo (Donna’s young son). Everyone’s favorite yellow-shirt-wearing protagonist also has a new friend group: Tim, Lester, Terry, and Holt.

Join The Griffin Family

If you’re a fan of adult comedy, our Family Guy merchandise is guaranteed to send you into a fit of laughter. Experience each and every season on DVD and Blu-ray, or treat yourself to some officially licensed memorabilia.