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Harry Potter Fleece Blankets

If you’re wanting to bring the wizarding world to your home, you’ll love our selection of high-quality Harry Potter blankets. Available in sizes from small to large (suitable for adults and kids), these pieces of homeware are a great way to celebrate your fandom while taking advantage of the functional benefits provided by the polyester material. You can bring them on your journeys or keep them at home, where you can snuggle with them on your couch or bed.

Each blanket adds an extra dimension to your room’s aesthetic, inserting a splash of colour and personality. Simply make your choice from a variety of creative designs, such as Platform 9 ¾, Hedwig, and Quidditch.

Harry Potter House Blankets

Have you been allocated a Hogwarts house by the Sorting Hat? We have loads of Harry Potter Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Gryffindor blankets that incorporate the colour schemes and imagery of their respective group.

Once you’ve got your blanket, we see no reason to stop there. Turn every room of your home into a Hogwarts common room with the help of Harry Potter cushions, coasters, and rugs. Every one of your guests will know immediately what personality type you are: brave, intelligent, empathetic, or ambitious.

Harry Potter Poster Blankets

The Harry Potter movies have produced some memorable posters throughout the years, most of which focus on the core characters of the series (Harry, Ron, and Hermione). If you have a personal favourite — perhaps The Chamber of Secrets or The Prisoner of Azkaban — you’ll enjoy our range of poster-themed Harry Potter blankets.