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Wade through Zavvi’s collection of Jaws T-shirts, and discover what lies beneath the waves. Drawing inspiration from director Stephen Spielberg’s critically acclaimed movie from the seventies, our selection of clothing is essential for fans of the franchise. You’re going to need a bigger boat for all these Jaws tees!
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Jaws Movie T-shirts

In the world of horror cinema, there are few releases that have had the same impact as Jaws (1975), the movie that made people nervous about swimming in deep water. The man-eating nature of sharks may be a tad overblown, but nobody can deny that they are the ideal antagonists of a scary film, rising from the depths of the ocean like a monster emerging from the dark to ambush its prey.

Though there have been several entries in the franchise, it’s hard to argue against the first instalment being the best. The iconic score by John Williams is used to great effect, and the threat of the great white shark never disappears, not even when the protagonist, Martin Brody (played by actor Roy Scheider), is safe on dry land.

Our line-up of Jaws T-shirts embraces the themes of the film, featuring artistic prints that will make onlookers think twice about going for a paddle. Amid the calm waves, against a backdrop of warm orange sunlight, the great white’s fin slices through the water, waiting for an unaware surfer or swimmer to venture too far from the shoreline of Amity Island. It’s a good thing, then, that you can assume the role of lifeguard with our Jaws tees, some of which have the classic red-and-yellow colour combination of an oceanside rescuer.

Jaws T-shirts for Kids and Adults

Yes, it’s true that Jaws is not aimed at the younger audience, being known for its graphic depiction of shark-inflicted injuries, but that doesn’t mean the kids haven’t seen it. Everyone loves a good scare, so if you’re looking for a Jaws T-shirt for a friend or family member, you can rest assured that we’ve got sizes to fit everyone: men, women, and children.