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Squid Game Funko Pop! Vinyl

Assemble your team to face the many challenges ahead with Zavvi US’s wide range of Squid Game Funko Pop! Vinyl figures. These officially licensed collectables bring to life your favourite characters from the show — including Gi-hun (456), Sae-byeok (067), Il-nam (001), Ali (199), and Sang-woo (218) — so you can complete your display or find the perfect gift for a friend/family member.

Let The Games Begin

Released in 2021, Squid Game is a smash-hit South Korean TV series created for the Netflix streaming platform by Hwang Dong-hyuk, a director and screenwriter. The plot centers around 456 down-on-their-luck individuals who are persuaded to take part in a series of games with life-ending consequences. One of these contestants is Seong Gi-Hun (Lee Jung-jae), an indebted man who lives with his mother and struggles to provide for his daughter. To turn his life around, he accepts the offer of a mysterious man in a suit (Gong Yoo) and determines to join the so-called Squid Game.

After being picked up at a covert location in the dead of night, he is knocked unconscious by a non-lethal gas and transported to an isolated island. He wakes up and finds himself dressed in a green jumpsuit, which is marked with the number 456. All around him are hundreds of similarly outfitted people, each of whom seems equally disorientated. Looking to his environment, Gi-hun notices an old acquaintance of his called Cho Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo). However, they have little time to catch up; a small force of red-garbed men ushers them away to the first game: Red Light, Green Light. It is in this game that Gi-hun and Sang-woo discover the true nature of their predicament, as they witness their fellow players being executed upon elimination.

Don’t Lose Your Marbles

If you don’t want to say goodbye to these beloved characters, our line-up of Squid Game Funko Pop! Vinyl figures will ensure that you never have to. Pick out your favourites, or collect them all.