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LEGO Overwatch

Immerse yourself in legendary missions with Zavvi US’s wide range of LEGO Overwatch sets, putting the gaming experience in your hands like never before.

For any fans of team-based multiplayer games, this the perfect way to bring the action of the online arena to the real world, capturing the action-packed energy of the franchise.

Jump into the lobby today to discover a huge selection of LEGO Overwatch sets, available for an affordable price across exclusive deals and massive discounts!

Assemble Your Team

Created by Blizzard Entertainment in 2016, Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter that puts players in the shoes of a huge roster of unique characters (known as ‘heroes’). Each of these heroes — including Tracer, Baptiste, Genji, D.Va, and more — have their own special abilities, which they then use to complete specific objectives as part of a six-player team.

The plot is centred around a fictional version of Earth, set 60 years into the future – 30 years following the conclusion of the so-called ‘Omnic Crisis’. The Omnic Crisis was an event that resulted in omnium facilities (where robots called ‘Omnics’ were produced) started creating hostile machines, which then attacked humanity.

In response, various countries started creating their own programs to counter this new threat, including the United States’ Soldier Enhancement Program and Germany’s Crusaders. However, when this didn’t work, the United Nations brought these various programs together to form an international task force by the name of ‘Overwatch’.

Join The Fight

With our LEGO Overwatch sets, you can now create your own imaginative scenarios across different maps and with recognisable characters from the game.

These are the perfect gifts for any avid gamer or collector, guaranteed to put a smile on their face — and make them put down the controller for a few hours (or more).

We have an expansive line-up of products for you to choose from, so start browsing today to ensure you don’t miss out. It’s your turn to join the Overwatch team!