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Pop Albums On Vinyl

At Zavvi US, we have a wide range of pop albums on vinyl for you to discover. If you’re a fan of the genre, you will fall head over heels for our expansive selection of iconic albums — featuring a variety of sleeve designs, colourways, and splatter designs.

We have a number of well-known artists and musicians for you to enjoy, including the likes of David Bowie, Coldplay, Prince, Madonna, and Adele — amongst others.

Check out our pop albums on vinyl today, and don’t miss out on our exclusive offers!

Music In Its Purest Form

The appeal of vinyl stems from its inherent imperfection, a quality that makes the format decidedly more authentic. Each vinyl has a story; the scratches, wears, and tears only serve to enhance the uniqueness of the format.

A common topic of contention is whether digital is better than vinyl. Although there are arguments to be made on both sides, vinyl has the upper hand when it comes to nostalgia.

There isn’t another music format like it. Vinyl has its own distinctive sound, known for its surface crackle, pops, and distortion. If you haven’t had the privilege of enjoying the analogue format of a record player, you’re in for a treat.

Poptastic Deals

What are you waiting for, music fans? Explore our complete line-up of pop albums on vinyl. These are the perfect gifts for any special occasion — ideal for birthdays and Christmases.

Start browsing today, and enjoy our fantastic discounts and multi-buy deals. There has never been a better time to begin (or expand) your vinyl collection!

(Remember to keep your eyes — and ears — open to make sure you never miss out on all the latest releases. Our page of pop albums on vinyl is always growing, providing you with the best the music industry has to offer.)