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Phone Chargers And Portable Power Banks

Keep your gadgets ready to go with Zavvi US’s wide range of phone chargers and portable power banks, featuring a selection of pop culture-inspired designs.

These make great gifts for tech fans, ensuring that their devices never run out of juice. Say goodbye to empty batteries, and say hello to full power!

What are you waiting for? Start browsing our competitive offers today, with low prices and high quality guaranteed on all of our products.

For All Gadgets

Our phone chargers and portable power banks cater to all your technology needs. When you’re out and about, these convenient little helpers fit handily inside your bag or pocket.

We’ve all been on those long trips when your phone powers down after a few hours. Perhaps you’re on public transport or wandering an unfamiliar street – either way, it’s a nightmare. Well, not anymore. Our phone chargers and power banks, power both your spirits and your device.

If you’re closer to home, we also have charging devices fit for day-to-day use: video game controller docking stations, cables, USB hubs, and more.

Supercharged With Character

Powering your devices is all well and good, but where’s the style?

Purchase the charging device that best suits you with our diverse line-up off franchise-inspired phone chargers and portable power banks.

Here you will find officially licensed gadgets given a unique makeover, with designs featuring the likes of Minions, Harry Potter, Pokémon, It, Marvel, and more!

Power Up Your Technology

Ensure that you never run out of battery with our massive collection of phone chargers and portable power banks. We have a ton of offers for you to take advantage of, with huge discounts and multi-buy deals.

(This page is updated on a regular basis, so stay tuned for all the latest releases.)