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Begin Your Life Day Celebrations

The residents of the Star Wars universe don’t celebrate Christmas as we do, but they have their very own event that bears an uncanny resemblance to it: Life Day. Established by the Wookiees, the race to which Chewbacca belongs, this annual tradition receives its name from the Tree of Life, the physical representation of the first seed and the progenitor of life on the planet Kashyyyk.

To mark the end of the Galactic Empire’s decades-long oppression, the various civilisations of the galaxy adopted Life Day as their own holiday, and they celebrated with food, music, and festive decorations. Their intent was to share compassion among their fellow Sentients, all celebrating their differences and mutual freedom.

A Far, Far Away Xmas

If you want to join the Life Day festivities, our line-up of Star Wars Xmas jumpers will allow you to feel like a Wookiee, warm and cosy. Choose from a diverse selection of character-inspired clothing, and pledge your allegiance to the light or the dark side. All your favourite heroes and villains (including Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and BB-8) have been given a winter-style makeover, wielding candy canes instead of lightsabers and blasters. As well as being worthy additions to your own outfit, these are fantastic gifts for friends and family, with both adults’ and children’s Star Wars Xmas jumpers ready to purchase.