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Chucky Dolls, Masks & Toys

Bring home one of horror’s most nefarious villains with Zavvi’s blood-curdling collection of Chucky dolls, masks, and toys. We have all the best offers, making this the undisputed final destination for fans of the horror genre.

Take home your own piece of slasher history, featuring a range of products modelled after the ‘Good Guy’ dolls seen in the Child’s Play film franchise.

Get ready to hide behind your sofas... It’s time to play!

Horror Royalty

The pantheon of horror icons is an undeniably prestigious group. Many a horror creative has dreamed of crafting a character worthy of joining alongside such classics as Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, and Pennywise. Yet few actually succeed in the task.

But then along came Child’s Play, a 1988 film that took the world of cinema by storm with its unique concept and endearing charm.

The synonymous lead character was an instant hit, and now the Chucky doll has become recognisable around the world.

The Voice Behind The Chucky Doll

As any budding horror fan will know, Chucky was famously brought to life by Brad Dourif in the original film series, portraying the merciless serial killer Charles Lee Ray.

Dourif's legacy has reigned supreme as one of the most terrifying voice roles in the horror genre. And this defining role was spectacularly followed by legendary voice actor Mark Hamill in the 2019 remake, jumping into the plastic skin of everybody’s Favorite Chucky doll.

Halloween Spooktacular

Bring the chills and thrills with our full range of merchandise. This included toys, replicas, and Chucky masks—the perfect fancy dress getup. The miniature-sized Chucky doll has never been more put to shame...

With our incredible offers, there has never been a better time to improve upon your horror-inspired collection. You won’t want to miss out!