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Harry Potter Collectibles And Memorabilia

Enlist the help of the sorting hat to sort your way through Zavvi’s expansive selection of Harry Potter collectibles and memorabilia, bringing you all the best products from the wizarding world!

For fans of the Harry Potter franchise, there has never been a better gift. Start browsing today to find a range of products, available for an affordable price – with massive discounts and limited-time deals!

Take The Train Into Hogwarts

Start your Harry Potter adventure by delving into our range of figures, tickets, advent calendars, playing cards, badges, coins, snow globes, and a cauldron-full of more magical goodies!

An immersive world like no other, J.K. Rowling’s critically acclaimed book series has become a box office giant through its many film Installments, introducing the world to some of the most endearing characters put to screen.

From all corners of this fantasy world, you can now join alongside your Favorite Harry Potter characters, including Hermione, Ron, Hagrid, Dumbledore, and the evil masters of the Dark Arts.

Whether you’re siding with the Death Eaters in service of Voldemort or embracing the forces of good as one of the Order of the Phoenix, there’s something here guaranteed to cast a spell on your collection.

“We’ll Take The Lot!”

All aboard the Hogwarts express to discover the greatest collection of Harry Potter collectibles and memorabilia you’ve ever seen!

Stay up to date and build your Harry Potter collection, with a never-ending supply of exciting merchandise on offer - without the premium price point.

Expel some magic into your world, and consult the Marauder’s Map to make sure you never miss out on our latest magical additions to this already-broad line of Harry Potter collectibles and memorabilia.

(Don’t forget to keep your eyes locked here for all the latest products from the Harry Potter franchise. We are constantly updating our line-up of collectibles with new and exciting releases.)