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Jaws Merchandise

Are you brave enough to venture beyond the shallows? Pack your swimming trunks, and sail to the shark-infested waters of Amity Island with Zavvi US’s wide range of Jaws merchandise. Our officially licensed merchandise includes a whole host of products: DVDs and Blu-rays, replicas, action figures, plushies, art prints, clothing (T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies), homeware, and more.

The Horror Of The Depths

A film by director Steven Spielberg, Jaws (1975) was inspired by Peter Benchley’s novel of the same name, which was released during the previous year. The plot centres on a beachside resort town called Amity Island, where a shark has started preying on swimmers, its first victim being Chrissie Watkins (Susan Backlinie). Martin Brady (Roy Scheider), a local police chief, intends to close the beaches so as to avoid future casualties; however, Mayor Larry Vaughn (Murray Hamilton) insists that the loss of summer-time tourism would cause economic turmoil and hypothesises that Watkins could have died in a boating accident. Accepting the possibility, Brady allows the beaches to remain open. Unfortunately, this backfires when the shark returns and brutally kills a young boy, Alex Kintner (Jeffrey Voorhees). The local population responds by orchestrating an amateur shark hunt, but their efforts are unsuccessful. To capture their quarry, which is revealed to be a great white, they need the expert services of Quint (Robert Shaw), a fisherman who specialises in catching sharks.

After its debut, Jaws became the highest-grossing movie of all time, and it spawned several sequels. Each of these Installments introduces a new shark with a taste for human flesh, doubling down on the horror elements pioneered by the first entry, the most famous of which is its classic theme song.

A Splash On Your Collection

If you find yourself treading water, there has never been a better time to dive into the franchise. Our line-up of Jaws merchandise — comprising DVDs and Blu-rays, Collectibles, art prints, clothing, homeware, and more — features prices that are lower than the deep blue sea. Once you’ve finished your shark hunt, you might just need a bigger boat to house your latest catch.