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Joker T-shirts

Make a DC Comics fan smile with Zavvi US’s wide range of Joker T-shirts. These officially licensed products, all of which capture the recognisable motifs of Batman’s greatest nemesis, have been created by our in-house team, adding a unique aesthetic to your wardrobe.

The Clown Of Gotham

The most infamous member of the Caped Crusader’s expansive rogues’ gallery, the Joker made his first appearance in the preliminary issue of Batman, which was created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson. Commonly, the character — whose real name is unknown — focuses his efforts on terrorising the people of Gotham City, his particular brand of criminality incorporating aspects of humour that have been warped into something cruel. One of the tools that the Clown Prince Of Crime uses to enact his plans is his signature laughing gas, which causes its victims to burst into hysterics before succumbing to the lethal poison.

Though there is some ambiguity surrounding Mr. J’s origins, with different writers discarding certain aspects of pre-established continuity to serve their needs, it is most often accepted that the character was submerged in a vat of chemicals, an event that transformed his physical appearance and warped his mind. The writer Alan Moore delved into this background within a one-shot graphic novel titled The Killing Joke (1988). In this story, the Joker is shown to be a failed comedian coerced into abetting criminals, and when confronted by Batman during a heist conducted on a chemical plant, he dives into the waste deposit to escape. Consequently, his skin turns white, his hair a shade of green. Compounded by the recent loss of his wife and unborn child, this once-harmless family man loses himself to insanity.

Beyond the scope of the comics, Mr. J has featured in dozens of adaptations, many of which place him opposite the Dark Knight. 2019 saw the release of the first live-action Joker solo film, a project starring actor Joaquin Phoenix.

We Prefer Multiple Choice

Like the Clown Prince Of Crime’s past, our collection of Joker T-shirts isn’t limited to just one option. There are dozens of clothing items to choose from, each paying homage to a version of the character seen across the decades.