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Pokémon Replicas

Prepare to catch ‘em all with Zavvi US’s wide range of Pokémon replicas, bringing to life the critically acclaimed multi-media franchise. Here you will find various products inspired by the video games, TV series, and films.

These are the best gifts for a Pokémon fan, so take advantage of our low prices. Preparing for those special occasions has never been more affordable!

The Very Best

Created in 1995 by Satoshi Tajiri, the Pokémon franchise originated as a video-game series, starting with Pokémon Monsters: Red And Green (which released on the Game Boy handheld system).

The premise of the franchise focuses on the eponymous “Pokémon” creatures. Once captured by Pokémon Trainers using Poké Balls, the creatures are trained to battle each other for sport. Travelling around the different regions of the world, Trainers aim to complete their Pokédex (by collecting all species of Pokémon) and to defeat other Trainers so that they can claim the title of Pokémon Champion.

Since its creation, Pokémon has grown into one of the biggest franchises in the world. As well as releasing a number of video games, there is also a popular television series based on the games. The show centres around the character Ash Ketchum and his Pokémon companion Pikachu.

Become A Pokémon Master

The unique concept of Pokémon has captured the imaginations of people the world over, and now you can bring those fantasies to life with our fantastic line-up of Pokémon replicas.

Every wanted to become a Pokémon Trainer? Now you can with the Poké Ball replica created by the Wand Company. Accurately recreated from franchise references, this premium collectable would look great as part of any display. And if you’re looking to expand your collection, there is also the Great Ball replica, the ultimate tool for any serious Trainer.

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