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Transformers Blu-ray And DVD

Roll out with Zavvi’s complete collection of Transformers Blu-ray and DVD releases, available at an incredible price!

Capturing all iterations of the Transformers franchise, this range contains more than meets the eye—including Michael Bay’s live-action film series, the animated TV series, and all of the animated movies.

The Michael Bay Transformers Era

Most modern audiences will be familiar with director Michael Bay’s 2007 live-action adaptation, which brought all our Favorite characters to life and spanned out into a long-running franchise (featuring various sequels and spin-offs, such as Travis Knight’s Bumblebee film).

As one of the highest-grossing box office successes of all time, Bay translated the Transformers mythos to fans in a way unlike we had ever seen before. Utilising his explosive action skills, the conflict between the Autobots and Decepticons reached new heights.

The clash of metal against metal and the destructive potential of such a confrontation allowed viewers to feel immersed in a world so familiar yet unrecognisable from our own.

And now you can experience this amazing saga once again with our complete collection of live-action Transformers Blu-ray and DVD releases.

Classic Animation

Before the dawn of realistic CG animation, viewers were treated to an artistic rendition of the Transformers, setting the precedent for future adaptations and directly influencing the work of Bay and Knight in their respective blockbuster films.

Originally a tie-in to Hasbro’s line of action figures released in 1987, the animated TV series and films became so much more, standing toe to toe with such legendary franchises as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and G.I. Joe.

Now you can go back to basics and enjoy all the animated Transformers content (both old and modern). These are available as Transformers DVD releases and in updated Transformers Blu-ray format, ensuring you only enjoy the highest-definition quality.

Autobots, Roll Out!

The time has come. Cybertron has fallen. And you must jump into the clash of the robot titans, where the fate of both humanity and Cybertronian will be decided...

Complete your Transformers Blu-ray and DVD collection today, and start from the beginning.

This is the ideal gift for any Transformers fan!