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LEGO Friends Cube Sets

2021 saw the launch of a brand-new addition to the LEGO Friends theme: LEGO Friends cubes. These offer an affordable way for children over the age of six to meet the titular residents of Heartlake City, including the likes of Andrea, Mia, Olivia, Stephanie, and Emma.

They are distinguishable from ordinary sets in that they feature a compact design with a handle on the top, which allow them to be carried and stored. As the name would imply, LEGO Friends cubes take the shape of — no surprise — plastic cubes, and each of these opens to reveal a miniature playset, complete with a mini-doll figure and accessories (one of which is a mystery animal pet).

LEGO Friends Play Cubes of Endless Possibility

Adopting different themes, the various LEGO Friends cubes range from high-tech gaming pads to luxury fashion studios. They can, of course, be enjoyed separately; however, the more imaginative children might think to combine them to craft expansive scenes that bring the different characters (and their pets) together.

Bring Heartlake City with You

Because of the portable nature of these sets, we highly recommend them as presents to be given to young kids. When you’re embarking on a long trip, you’ll be glad that the little ones have something to hold their attention.

What’s more is that LEGO friends cube sets have educational benefits, the sort that can’t be replicated by handing them a tablet. The building aspect provides them with problem-solving abilities, and they can even develop their social skills through imagined character interactions and sharing with other likeminded children.