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Black Friday LEGO Deals

There’s no doubt that LEGO is one of the most popular toy brands on the market, with 220 million sets being sold each year. However, collectors know that purchasing the latest releases can be an expensive endeavour. If you want to keep your shelves stocked without emptying your wallet, your best bet is to take advantage of our 2022 LEGO Black Friday deals, which feature massive discounts that are incomparable to any other point in the year.

What do we have on offer? The answer to that is lots! We want to accommodate collectors of all interests, no matter whether you’re looking for the newest starships from the Star Wars galaxy or itching to return to Heartlake City, the home of LEGO Friends. Yes, the number of LEGO sets in the world is almost too high to count, and we can't say we’re surprised. It seems that the brand releases a new theme every day, adding to their already impressive catalogue: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Friends, City, DUPLO, Ninjago, Technic, Speed Champions, Creator, Architecture, and Classic — to name a few.

LEGO Cyber Monday Deals

Have you found loads of new toys to enjoy? Well, be prepared — our Black Friday LEGO deals are only just the beginning. That’s right: we’re sticking around for the entire weekend and rounding things out with some much-anticipated Cyber Monday deals on LEGO. There’s something on Zavvi for both adults and kids, so if you need some inspiration for Xmas presents, this is an excellent time to reduce your shopping list.