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NECA Godzilla

Browse through our massively detailed selection of NECA Godzilla action figures, available right here on Zavvi across our competitive prices.

Emphasising ‘massive’, NECA have masterfully brought the legend to life in a variety of scales — both in reference to his enormous size and, of course, scaled hide.

And now you have the opportunity to elevate your collection and join Godzilla as the king of kings — earning your title as ‘King of Collectibles’.

A Monstrously Brilliant Selection Of NECA Godzilla Figures

Our eclectic range of NECA Godzilla action figures provides depictions of the iconic pop culture monster from various eras, including the classic 1954 rendition, King Kong vs. Godzilla, and leading into the modern Installments into this long-spanning franchise.

Whether you prefer modern renditions or more retro interpretations, Zavvi has all the best NECA Godzilla action figures — tailored to your needs.

Capturing the essence of this magnificent icon, NECA Godzilla action figures bring the likeness and bestial presence of the mighty king to life, presenting its enormous stature and incredible abilities with multiple points of articulation and additional features.

More NECA Godzilla Monsters!

And that’s not all — our every-growing collection also presents a series of Godzilla-associated action figures from the franchise’s significant roster of adjacent monsters.

This includes Mothra and Rodan, and these are sure to be joined by the likes of Kong and many more in the near future.

Start Your NECA Godzilla Collection

What are you waiting for? Start your foray into the world of NECA Godzilla action figures and pick up the first addition to your collection today.

With such attention to detail and an impeccable passion for bringing the best quality, you can’t go wrong with NECA Godzilla.

And we here at Zavvi are ready and eager to provide the best service possible, ensuring your complete and utter satisfaction across all your — no doubt soon-to-be numerous — purchases.

For more NECA Godzilla, stay tuned to this page! Our product line-up is constantly expanding, so you can be assured that the journey continues, just as the mighty King of the Monsters lives on...