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NECA Predator

Get to the chopper with Zavvi’s spine-tingling selection of NECA Predator action figures, featuring a wide range of your Favorite human characters and fang-bearing alien hunters.

Our entire line-up of NECA Predator action figures is available at a great price, so this won’t cost you an arm or a leg—or, you know, your skull...

The only hunting trophy being claimed today will be the latest addition to your collection!

A Classic Piece Of Cinema

The ‘80s was a great decade for fans of the sci-fi genre, marking the pivotal release of the first Predator movie.

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the leader of a paramilitary unit, the film pitted our big-muscled, testosterone-fuelled hero against an advanced alien in the depths of the jungle. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the ‘I come in peace’ type of alien.

It had only been five years since E.T. graced our screens in ‘82, and our relationship with beings from outer space was about to change dramatically. No more Mr. Nice Alien—it was time to hunt.

The Birth Of NECA Predator

Since the monumental release of Predator in 1987, the franchise has gone on to span multiple movies, videogames, comic books, and more...

This has provided no shortage of inspiration for NECA Predator figures over the years, with various Yautja designs providing a new take on the familiar silhouette.

These intricately detailed sculpts provide a high-quality and affordable way for fans of the series to build their collection of Predator merchandise.

Find Your NECA Predator

Take advantage of our great deals to broaden your Predator collection.

This is the perfect format for fans of all eras, capturing the unique designs we’ve become so familiar with over the years—and, of course, some NECA Predator specials.