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Doctor Who Collectibles And Memorabilia

Have you been travelling the galaxy in search of the best Doctor Who Collectibles and memorabilia? Stop off at Zavvi US, and have a browse through our officially licensed products!

All our Collectibles and memorabilia are made to the highest quality, perfect for fans of the immensely popular British television series.

What are you waiting for? Don’t let time pass you by — they won’t be here forever!

A British Classic

If you haven’t heard of Doctor Who, you might need to get out of your TARDIS once in a while. Doctor Who is a British science-fiction television series that first aired in 1963, produced by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).

The programme follows an extra-terrestrial being called ‘the Doctor’, a member of the Time Lords. Throughout the show’s history, the Doctor has appeared in many forms, made possible due to the character’s ability to regenerate when badly injured.

Using the TARDIS, an unusual spaceship that appears as a blue police box, the Doctor travels through time and space — usually accompanied by a companion. These time-travelling adventures often put the Doctor in the path of many great foes, such as the Cybermen and Daleks.

Over the years, the show has developed a strong following of British fans. However, it has also gained a cult following worldwide, becoming an undeniable staple of pop culture.

Enter The TARDIS!

Partner up with the Doctor, and travel the universe in the TARDIS with Zavvi US’s wide range of Doctor Who Collectibles and memorabilia.

This is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your collection, featuring a variety of highly detailed figures, vinyl soundtracks, and more. Yes, now is the time to treat yourself (and your friends and family) to some out-of-this-world products.

Use your sonic screwdriver to browse the site, and bring home the best officially licensed Doctor Who Collectibles and memorabilia today!