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Wooden LEGO

Return to the age of hand-made toys with Zavvi US’s wide range of wooden LEGO, which comprises minifigures and items of furniture. Available for a reasonable price, these high-quality products are fantastic additions to any collection, providing something different from the normal toys to which we have grown accustomed.

The Evolution Of The Brick

During the earliest days of The LEGO Group, a world-famous toy company founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen, each product in their catalogue was manufactured using wood. It wasn’t until the late ’40s that plastic was introduced as a main production material, and although there was some scepticism from traditionalists, ABS polymer eventually became the go-to resource for what is often termed the most versatile toy on the market. This success is largely attributed to Christiansen’s dedication to ensuring strict quality standards, the company’s motto being ‘only the best is good enough.’

Despite the undeniable ingenuity of the modern LEGO brick design, this simple fact has not dissuaded the business from embracing its roots. Even today, you can find a broad selection of wooden toys, all of which provide a greater sense of quality, something that many purists would argue has been lost as emphasis continues to be placed on mass production through processes such as injection moulding. Nevertheless, you will find that most of the company’s products are only made of ABS, so there is a degree of exclusivity afforded to those that break the mould.

Break The Mould

Are you oversaturated by an abundance of plastic? Turn back the clock, and expand your toy collection with the help of our wooden LEGO minifigures and furnishings. In addition to providing decorative pieces, the likes of which include picture frames and hangers, this page offers space-saving solutions that will allow you to manage an excess of plastic bricks.