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Welcome to the Nakatomi Christmas Party

When you think of a Christmas party, we imagine that your mind creates an image of alcohol, food, and knitted sweaters. The movie Die Hard, however, flips this jolly scenario on its head, pitting off-duty detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) against an armed force of terrorists led by the criminal mastermind Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman). With nothing but his tactical mind (not even shoes), McClane must defeat these invaders and rescue the hostages.

In recognition of the seasonality of the film, our in-house design team has embraced their creative side and taken the best elements of the action flick to use on a new batch of sweaters. The results, as you can see, are very festive. We doubt even McClane could turn one of these down.

On top of the traditional elements, such as snowflakes and Christmas trees, these officially licensed jumpers feature iconography synonymous with Die Hard: lighters, the logo of the Nakatomi Corporation, footprints, and helicopters. Any passing fan will instantly recognise the references, and perhaps they might share in the experience by quoting some lines.

No Shoes, Just Die Hard Xmas Jumpers

If you know someone who prefers shooting galleries over light-hearted comedies, a Die Hard Christmas jumper is the perfect winter-time gift. There are plenty of sizes to choose from, and both men and women can enjoy a comfortable fit. Better yet, our prices are competitive, so you can grab a new sweater without spending all your money, which you’ll need to purchase more Die Hard merchandise.