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The Mandalorian Cut-Outs

Bring the varied Star Wars film franchise to life with Zavvi’s range of The Mandalorian cut-outs, featuring all your Favorite characters from the hit show.

A Show Worthy Of Representation

Spinning out of the pop-culture sensation Star Wars, The Mandalorian quickly asserted itself as some of the best Star Wars content available, crafting a unique look at the criminal underbelly of this far away galaxy.

Now you can decorate your home with life-sized The Mandalorian cut-outs, showing off the legendary Mando, Din Djarin, in all his gun-slinging prowess. And, of course, the real star of the show: Baby Yoda (or Grogu - if you want to be technical).

The Legend Of The Mandalorian

Surprise your friends and family with The Mandalorian cut-outs of your Favorite characters from the critically acclaimed show, establishing the long-stretching legend of this battle-hardened Mandalorian warrior in your household.

With our range of quick delivery options, your The Mandalorian cut outs will be arriving at your door quicker than you can say “engage the hyperdrive”!