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The Mandalorian Statues And Busts

Start building your collection of officially licensed Star Wars merchandise with Zavvi US’s blaster-slinging range of The Mandalorian statues and busts.

Inspired by the hit Disney+ TV series, these are fantastic additions to any collection inspired by a galaxy far, far away. Whether you’re looking to expand your own display or to find gifts for a fan of The Mandalorian, you can rest assured that this is the way.

We have a massive line-up of The Mandalorian statues and busts for you to take home to your starship, available across our massive discounts and limited-time offers.

The New Icons Of The Star Wars Universe

Add the newest heroes and rogues from the Star Wars mythos to your collection today. Each product is officially licensed and modelled from authentic live-action references for unparalleled detail and quality.

The Mandalorian statues and busts are perfectly suited to the existing sci-fi aesthetic of such icons as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia Organa. With distinctive but recognisable designs, the thematic undertones of this galaxy of Force users and bounty hunters have never been more apparent.

Featuring a diverse selection of high-quality collectibles depicting Mando (Din Djarin), Baby Yoda (Grogu), IG-11, and more, our ensemble of The Mandalorian statues and busts is the best way to experience these new fan-Favorite characters from outside the confines of the screen.

Created by widely recognised brands - including Kotobukiya, Diamond Select, and Sideshow Collectibles – it's up to you to choose the price point and scale that best suits your needs.

A Bounty Hunt Of Goodies

Browse our diverse line-up of The Mandalorian statues and busts to find the perfect gifts for any Star Wars fan or follower of The Mandalorian TV series.

Don’t wait too long – claim your prize and put those credits to good use before our exciting collectibles disappear into hyperspace!