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LEGO Fire Sets

The LEGO Fire sub-theme is an extension of LEGO City (much like its similar counterpart, Police), focusing on the emergency-service workers who provide an essential service to the people — or rather, minifigures — who live in these types of urban environments. These sets not only focus on the inner city, but also highlight the fire brigade’s expertise in unexpected locations, such as the water.

LEGO Fire Vehicles

To be an effective LEGO fireman, minifigures need access to a lot of water and an easy means of transporting it from place to place. That’s where LEGO Fire vehicles come in. No matter the nature of the hazard, there’s nothing that a LEGO fire engine, helicopter, boat, or plane can’t handle.

If a factory or apartment complex is up in flames, a fire truck will answer the call in no time, and when it arrives, its high-powered hose (firing plastic water elements) will ensure that both the building and those inside survive. Alternatively, there are times when access is limited, requiring the use of an airborne vehicle (such as a helicopter or plane) or a boat that can navigate the open waters.

Assemble the LEGO Fire Brigade

It’s easy to be distracted by the spectacle of a fire being extinguished, but we shouldn’t forget the brave individuals who are tackling the flames. Each of our LEGO City Fire sets contains one (or more) LEGO firefighter minifigure, dressed in the service's signature yellow colour scheme, so you can place them in different scenarios (created in your imagination) and engage in hours of play.

Don’t forget to purchase a LEGO fire station to give your minifigures a place to prepare for the next emergency. There is, of course, a place for a fire truck to be housed, and the addition of a slide — the LEGO alternative to a pole — means that the response times will be shortened.